memory boards

memory boards
12x12 pink & black love

Memory Boards

Pricing for memory boards unless otherwise noted~ custom order pricing will vary.
 size       price
8x10        $20
11x14      $25
12x12      $30
14x18      $32
16x20      $40

All boards have finished backs, and are to make a professional, three dimensional look.  I have premade boards available and also gladly accept custom orders.  With my selection of fabric, ribbon, and emelishments, I am sure to have something you like---or I can find it!  Custom orders can typically be filled within one day and delivered the next if you are in my local area (metro OKC).  Shipping can be included in mail orders

Boards in Stock

blue & brown for you 12x12

fall paisley 14x18

red, white, & mickey 11x14

12x12 lady bugs

14x18 sing your praises

11x14 usaf

16x20 it's a girl thing

11x14 thomas and friends